Employee Engagement

Why do your employees leave? Do you have to keep replacing certain roles due to high staff turnover? Are your productivity levels suffering from low staff morale? you could have an Employee Engagement issue.

Low Morale + Lack of communication = increased staff turnover

Your people are the heart of your organisation and the difference between you having a successful, profitable organisation and not. Engaged employees support the business to achieve better outcomes, increasing their performance and giving discretionary effort to achieve what they see as a shared vision and goal.

The first step to increasing employee engagement is to step back and review the current situation. This is done through an employee engagement survey sent to all staff and additional facilitated feedback sessions carried out to add more depth to the data produced from the questionnaire.

Following a review of the results I will support the business in the development of an Employee Engagement Action Plan. Support can be provided to lead any actions on the plan which may include:

Review of specific roles – when the detail and purpose of roles are not evaluated, and communicated, regularly, or when a leaving employee is replaced like-for-like, it is easy for fast paced businesses to become inefficient in some areas.

This can lead to high turnover of particular roles and difficulty in attracting the right staff. Reviewing specific roles based on the outcomes of the employee engagement review can have a great impact on the engagement levels of staff within those roles, and within the surrounding roles.

Employee Forum – employee forums are no longer the forecourt for aggravated employees to discuss the temperature of the office, or the lack of sandwich choice in the canteen. Staff sitting on employee forums become the voice of the business and can add value to projects across the business, empowering teams to take responsibility for making their business better.

Communication Plan – The number 1. issue on all employee engagement surveys is communication. You may feel you are communicating to your staff well as as you are doing it regularly however doing a lot of it doesn’t equal good communication. A communication plan sets the standard by which employees expect to be communicated with and allows structure and focus to the information they receive.

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