Struggling to retain talented staff?

Finding yourself regularly recruiting to replace leavers?

Having been through the sometimes long process of finding the right, talented employees for your business, having to replace staff that leave is not only costly but time consuming.

With the average cost of replacing an employee being around £30,000, the cost of lost productivity, vacant roles and recruitment fees can make or break small  businesses. The easiest way to avoid these costs? Retain your current staff!

How we can help..

  • Support you to attract talented employees, reduce your recruitment costs and retain talented employees.
  • Motivating and Engaging employees
  • Developing reward packages to attract top talent
  • Supporting management development to lead teams

We recognise that different businesses require different levels of support and have very different budgets, that is why we offer a range of levels of support for your people management needs.


How we can work together

  • Hourly support
  • Daily support
  • Project based support
  • On and off site support
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