Feeling restricted by your People Policies?

Looking for leadership and management support?

Whilst it is true that there are certain policies any organisation requires in order to be compliant with Employment Law,  your people policies should not feel so restrictive as to prevent you running your business in an efficient and profitable way.

Developing a good suite of policies and management guides is beneficial for both employer and employees – creating business efficiency and increasing your profits.

NJD People Consulting recognises that different businesses require different levels of support and have very different budgets, that is why we offer a range of levels of support for your people management needs.

How we can help..

  • Develop policies to support your business goals
  • Ensure you are compliant with all relevant legislation
  • Support the development of management and leadership skills
  • Provide management tools to engage and motivate your staff


How we can work together

Free Member Only Content

Access to free content and updates in our members only section
  • Access to free documents and templates to use in your business
  • People Management tools to help understand your employees and how best to work as a team
  • Regular updates  on people management issues from NJD People Consulting
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Your online HR department

Access to an online portal with free relevant templates and documents
  • Looking for a flexible way to met your requirements as an employer?
  • Access to basic people policies and management development tools
  • No need for on-site presence or expensive project costs – access to support when you need it
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Workplace Health Check

A full review of an individual aspect of your people policies
  • A review of an individual area of the company to highlight areas of improvement, increase efficiency and profits
  • Ensure your policies are allowing your business to run efficiently
  • Business review meeting, review of relevant data and full report
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