Before you start going and buying office ping pong tables and arranging team building quiz nights, stop and think about what it is your staff want. Not what you want. Chances are you will employ a range of different people, many of whom will be in different circumstances to you.

Arranging the Christmas party based on what the Board of Directors, all 40+, married and male want, won’t necessarily equate to what your boots-on-the-ground staff want and therefore won’t have the desired effect.

What demographic do your key talent, and targeted candidate pool, sit in? There will likely be a big difference between the needs and wants of a largely female part-time workforce want and those of a tech start-up in the city.

According to Gallup, in their report “How millennials want to work and live”, those born between 1980 and 1996 truly are job hoppers who look for changes in jobs to satisfy their craving for development, leadership training and their ability to be flexible at work.

Regardless of the generation though it is not enough anymore to expect that your employees will remain with you so long as the pay is right.

What is your employees why? What is the reason that your employees come and work for you? Are you a local based company who have a long history of employing locals? Are you a global social enterprise helping this in need? Each and every employee will have a reason for wanting to work for you, and understanding what the majority of people’s WHY is, will help you identify the rewards and perks you can give that will fulfil your teams.

Perks and rewards don’t have to have to come in the form of physical things, next time we’ll take a look at the basic, the weird and the wonderful of employee perks that actually exist.

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