Expect the unexpected

There are certain scenarios that we all have expectations of.

The England football team will crash out of any international competition (sorry!).

The good old English weather will still turn flip flops into useless mini-surfboards in a sudden downpour at some point in summer (today’s weather was rubbish).

Or that Louis Walsh will always, always, go back to X Factor.

Tonight I had an unexpected situation in a restaurant and it prompted me to think about what I have come to expect, and how I need to be vigilant about remaining flexible as a business owner. The smallest of situations arose. We were asked by our waitress if we would like any more drinks. In an American restaurant. We were both drinking Pepsi.

This may seem normal on the surface, but it was unexpected because we have become accustomed to America style free refills. We were in an American themed restaurant as well. A thought went through my head as we realised we would have to pay for more drinks ‘I wouldn’t have drunk that one so quickly had I realised’.

It made me think about all the times we might have done something differently had we had a mini crystal ball to show us the future. It made me look back and identify areas where I would have done things differently in my business, had I known what I know now.

I often see blogs or posts asking, ‘If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice when you started your business, what would it be?’ Mine would be a multitude of things, and I only set up 6 months ago! But here are just a few:

  • Don’t be busy for busy sake – make sure your time is used effectively
  • If you go for a cheaper option, because it is cheaper, you usually won’t get the results you want.
  • Spend money on quality support for the business.
  • Don’t expect results overnight.

What advice would you give to yourself?

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