Company Health Check

How efficient are your people management processes?

Is your business suffering from aches and pains?

In business we are often focused on the day to day and it is often a challenge to step back and review what you have achieved, where your business is going and how the business is actually doing.

A company and employee health check will review the culture of the company along with employee engagement levels by asking all the right questions to highlight areas of improvement.

There are many free business diagnostic tools, documents and questionnaires out there that can help you assess where your organisation is currently, however it can be difficult to review your own organisation without bias and be completely objective.

The Company Health Check comprises of a full day on site, reviews carried out off-site and a report, presentation and explanation of the results and recommendations.

On-site review – business review meeting with the Board of Directors, facilitated feedback meetings with a cross section of staff, 121 reviews with any highlighted staff.

Off-site – a review of any data/reports you have on your employees – from absence reports, staff turnover, to any survey results (if reports do not exist these can be produced at an additional ½ day rate from all employee data), an employee engagement survey emailed to all staff (if one is not already in existence)

Report presentation – a time will be arranged for the report and any recommendations to be presented back with a full explanation of the results.

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