Completing the challenge

I have in the past found it difficult to challenge myself on a public scale. However having started my own business just 6 months ago, I have found myself more and more used to be being open and vulnerable to failure with the aim of great success.

In my opening blog of this challenge I talked about how I don’t normally like to put myself forward for challenges where others can see you fail spectacularly. I said of the challenge:

It is also about being pushed out of your comfort zone, telling the world you are going to do something, and risking that you won’t achieve it.

So with this 30th Blog I can say I have achieved writing the number required however in a little more than 30 days (about 35). Most of the days I have missed have been weekends. Having only started the business in January I am finding myself working a LOT of hours every week and sometimes when it has comet the weekend, the very notion of getting the laptop out was tiring.

I’ve learnt a lot about scheduling posts, trying to get several written while you are in the flow. As well as the need to have some inspiration.

Over the last 30 blogs I have been pleased with several, felt like some could be improved. I have shared many across the online networks I am a member of and have been excited to see comment.

I’ve used some of the tips given by Sarah Arrow of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge and some I will have to come back to. I even re-visited a blog as I felt almost immediately that I could have made it better.

This challenge has forced me to delve into the intricate details of my profession. Go back to the things I started this career for. It has once again piqued my interest in the impact of Bullying in the workplace and has reinforced my desire to support business in developing Health and Wellbeing strategies to improve their organisations.

So here are some of my best, worst and most interesting bits:

The slightly personal one – It’s not easy being a 9

The thought provoking one – Where does the office end and your life being

The one that can save you money – 4 Reasons your good employees leave

The re-written one – 3 Things Leicester Football Club can teach us about business

The topical one – Back in 90 minutes? 4 Ways to manage Euro 2016 in the office

The one with the first infographic – How much is Ill Health Absence costing you business?

Read these and all the others in between on my website 

I’ve enjoyed completing the challenge and I certainly have a lot of thoughts on what I can do next to help continue this content marketing drive. If you have any comments on my blogs, please head over to the website or my linked page and comment – lets start some discussions!

Thanks Sarah for the support and the useful emails every day! I’m looking forward to going back through them to see how I can improve more of my blogs!

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  1. Wow! This is a feat and deserves celebration. You have generated 30 great blog posts to move your business forward. Those are the tangibles but the best part, what people don’t see, is what you’ve become in a period of 30 days.

    I’m into Sarah’s challenge as well and I’ll say that to myself when I have completed it.

    The second leg of the challenge is continuing for another 30 more days. All the best. 🙂

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